Damp walls, mould and moisture in the cellar-what’s the cause?

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The smell has gone and at last we have a warmer home, decorated and happy to be in.
Colin Stratford upon Avon
After the survey, we were so relieved to find out the problem was not as severe as thought and BKM solved our problem.
Paul from Warwick
The installation team was in and out in a day and they left the house clean and spotless.
Jayne in Leamington
We were so pleased we could use the process on a Grade II listed property, leaving no hole marks, and matched all our heritage colours.
Lisa & John in Leamington


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Damp walls, mould and moisture-what’s the cause?

Interior and external walls absorb moisture from the ground or through the walls in particular where there is no damp proof course (DPC) or where an old plastic/bitumen/silicon DPC has deteriorated.
Moisture penetrates the pores in the masonry and brickwork and loses its thermal and sealing properties.

The Consequences: Moisture in the walls impacts environmental quality, occupants health and structural integrity of a building.
The effects of moisture ingress include salt deposits (efflorescence) on bricks and plaster, mouldy smells and gradual deterioration of cement increases the risk of structural collapse.

Our solution: After installation into the walls, absorption continues over a 2-3 week period. The miniscule polymer solution continues penetrating into the masonry and brick even if wet, gradually allowing the moisture to evaporate and dry out naturally. The existing waters’ lower surface tension is naturally forced through the capillary, removing any excess water from the capillaries. It is this unique process of the BKM product which forces the displacement of moisture under the most challenging applications.

The Result: The injections form a complete barrier against moisture in the wall. The masonry dries and remains dry, preserving and securing the integrity of the dwelling! The dry wall remains breathable and regains its thermal insulating capability, which potentially reduces heating costs!

We offer: Our local surveyor provides a FREE damp survey, analysis and recommendations. We provide a custom-tailored solution to moisture ingress problems and a 25 YEAR WARRANTY, guaranteeing the effectiveness of BKM Mannesmann products.